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Under various other funding programmes, the BMBF supports projects which are related to IWRM, but are situated in partner countries that are not necessary developing or emerging countries, and projects which focus more strongly on the development and adaptation of water technologies or on sustainable land use.
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    Global Change and the Hydrological Cycle (GLOWA)

    The essential aim of GLOWA is to develop decision support systems which will allow for a sustainable and farsighted water management at basin scale. For this purpose science-based and integrative strategies have to be designed in close cooperation with local partners and stakeholders. Especially global environmental changes like climate change and the variability of precipitation as well as interactions between biosphere/land use and the hydrological cycle are taken into account for the selected model regions in addition to the prevailing socioeconomic framework conditions.
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    Research for Sustainable Development of the Megacities of Tomorrow

    The Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s funding priority on the sustainable development of fast growing megacities is focussing on "energy- and climate-efficient structures in urban growth centres". It is a global focussed component of the German Federal Government’s "High-Tech-Strategy for Climate Protection". The most important characteristic of this approach is its link to the concept of sustainable development. This approach is different from others insofar as the project themes are not orientated to individual issues. They are rather directed towards concrete areas of need and solution-orientated. Ecological, economical and social aspects of the development of energy- and climate-efficient structures in urban growth centres are to be considered in a closed and long-term concept.
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GLOWA - Clobal Cange and the Hydrological Cycle

2008, 69 pages

Download [PDF - 5.49 MB]


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