Networking and Supporting Activities for the Research Programme IWRM

The German Ministry of Education and Research created a networking project in early 2009 in order to identify potentials of synergie and foster content-related dialogue and networking between the different projects.

Within the context of the sustainability goals formulated at the Johannesburg World Summit in 2002, the IWRM supporting activities are focussed on the transfer of information and technology. The IWRM joint projects presented in this brochure develop situationally adapted concepts and integrated system solutions in the target regions of Central Asia, South East Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean. (In this brochure, the IWRM joint projects envisaged a development situation adaptable to the concepts and integrated system solutions in the target regions of Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean). An important question remains however as to the extent that fundamental guidelines and standards for the creation and realization of integrated management solutions can be based on regionally specific activities. It is thus essential that scientists, policy-makers and administrators participate in intense dialogue on experiences gained under the implemented projects and derive conclusions from research results. With this in mind, and with the aim of networking IWRM participating partners, the BMBF created a networking project in early 2009. The objective of this project is the support of content-related dialogue and networking between the different projects. An additional goal of the networking project is the provision of contextual and organisational assistance to Integrated Water Resources Management activities, including associated technology and knowledge transfer, and to assemble synergy effects from national and international research activities. The research programmes and their results can thus be presented in professional circles and the political sphere and thus contribute to the direct application of research and development results.

A coordinating position was subsequently created at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research which:

  • supports professional exchange between the individual projects of the funded research programme IWRM and other national and European parties in science, management, policy and economics,
  • presents the IWRM research programme and its results on the national and European level and therefore contributes to a direct application of the research and development results,
  • provides the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the Project Management Agencies Jülich (PTJ) and the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (PTKA) with organizational and technical support
  • implements and documents status seminars and topical workshops within the scope of the research programme.

The networking activities incorporate various parties, from science to politics and management to economics. The development of sustainable concepts, and the establishment of Integrated Water Resources Management as an intelligent management concept is only possible with the participation of all parties concerned. Communication on integrated approaches to water resources management in society is facilitated through a broad internet presence and presentations on the research programme at scientific and technical conferences and events.



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