Interactions of Water with Energy and Materials in Urban Areas and Agriculture

IWRM conference in Karlsruhe 2012.

The rationale and significance of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) are as applicable and highly relevant today as they were at the time of the first Karlsruhe congress and exhibition with this theme in 2010. What has increased, however, is the dimensionality that has to be considered in water resource management. The reasons for this include the increasingly systemic conflicts between water users, the increasingly important regulatory provisions for establishing IWRM, and the growing energy requirement for providing user-friendly water resources.

Without marginalising the technical-scientific topics of integrated water resource management, IWRM Karlsruhe 2012 is to show a clear focus on issues concerning competition when using limited water resources in regard to regional and urbanity-oriented as well as regulatory and planning aspects.


From 21 - 22 November 2012 IWRM Karlsruhe 2012 will bring together international researcher, decision-makers and users from the water industry and will thereby create the ideal link between science, politics and practical application.


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