The IWRM principle has the aim of contributing to the quantitatively and qualitatively sustainable management of interlinked surface waters, aquifers and coastal waters. This will help ensure the social and economic development and the efficiency of vitally important ecosystems. Under this funding priority, new approaches and technologies will be tested, adapted and developed in model regions of manageable size.
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    The protection and sustainable use of water resources plays a decisive role for the future of humankind. That is why the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds the development of integrated planning tools for the sustainable use of water resources and the adaptation of water technologies to different climatic, ecological, economical and social conditions.
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    With this funding priority, the BMBF aims to strengthen the concept of IWRM in developing and emerging countries. The areas under investigation are generally river basins or parts thereof, or settlement areas with bodies of water. The aim is to improve the actual living conditions of people living in these areas. At the same time, international cooperation in the field of water is supported and interdisciplinary cooperation cooperation between science, authorities and industry strengthened. Another aim is to give German companies operating in the water and environment sectors easier access to new markets.
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    The projects launched between mid 2006 and early 2008 are what are known as collaborative projects, each of which has numerous sub-projects. If everything proceeds according to plan, the projects will consist of up to three project phases, each lasting two or three years. The funding priority also includes measures aimed at improving the chances of creating the infrastructure required for the developed IWRM concepts at a later stage, for example by means of multilateral financing and support organizations.
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