More Data Sources

Additional large data hosts and other link collections containing various data sets.




CISL Research Data Archive

Global and regional data sorted in the categories: Atmosphere, Biosphere, Climate Indicators, Cryosphere, Hydrosphere, Land Surface, Oceans, Paleoclimate, Solid Earth, Spectral/Engineering, Sun-Earth Interactions



Select and download free geographic (GIS) data for any country in the world.



EDEN Data Archive contains variet data on agriculture and land use, climate. Hydrology, population, topography, vegetation.

download, registration required


Link collection about Agriculture, Food Security and Development; Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation; Climate; Geology; Population Infrastructure Topography and Administration Data; Gazetteers; Remote Sensing and Imagery; Statistics; Vegetation, Soils, Hydrology and Land Use.


ETH Zürich

Link collection


European Environment Agency

Downloadable datasets and maps about Europe's environment, contains data on air pollution, biodiversity, climate change, energy, industry, land use, population, economy, soil, water.


Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe: Institute for Technology Assessment and System Analysis

Link collection for global change and climate change, containing geophysical data, paleodata, socio economic data and data about energy, emissions, global change and environment.


Short link collection, uncategorized


FREE GIS, Remote Sensing, Spatial & Hydrology Data


Geo Community

Geo data provided per country usually containing elevation maps, land use/land cover data, place names, geologic and hydrogaphic data and transportation.

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Link collection containing geo data, test data and data supplier links in different categories.


Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Alphabetic list of various biodiversity data and data providers.


Global Observing Systems Information Center

Data catalog with search interface



Various academic, commercial, public and international data providers


Group on Earth Observation

Geo data sorted by the categories, disasters, health, energy, climate, water, weather, ecosystems, agriculture and biodiversity.

interactive maps


Data shop for selling all kinds of different data, see tags and collections to find your desired data.


Provides free and open source GIS software applications, geography maps, geospatial data and shapefiles.

download, links

National Geophysocal Data Center

Global and national (USA) data on topics Land, Marine, Satellite, Snow & Ice, Solar-Terrestrial

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NCSU Library

Online and offline data collection mostly for NCSU members.


Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Various global datasets

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Open Data Catalog

An open, independent catalogue of Government and Local Body datasets.



This page is a catalogue that will be kept up to date pointing to selected sources of code and data related to climate science. Contains raw and processed climate data, paleo-data and model data.


SEDAC Dataset Catalog

List of selected socio-economic data. Contains global data and regional data for Mexico, USA, China.

download, links


Free Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and Free Satellite Imagery Download Links


The USGS Land Cover Institute

Landcover links per continent


UB Library

NYS Gazetteer & GeoData Collection



Water links world-wide


United Nations Environment Programme

Large geo database on Agricultural Production, Boundaries, Climate, Economy, Education, Elevation and Slopes, Emissions of GHG and ODS and Dust and Metals, Energy Consumption and Production, Environmental Hazards, Fertilizer & Pesticides Consump. & Prod., Food Supply and Caloric Intake, Health, Infrastructure, Land Use, Marine and Coastal Areas, Population, Private Consumption, Protected Areas and Environmental Prot., Technological Hazards, Total and Threatened Species, Tourism, Trade Balances, Transport, Urbanisation, Vegetation and Land Cover, Water Consumption and Resources.

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University of Edinburgh

International and national (Scotland, UK) data on Population and Area Statistics; Socio-economic Studies; Social Attitudes and Behaviour; Elections and Public Opinion; Housing, Migration and Transport; Health and Nutrition; National and International Indicators; Finance and Markets; Geo-spatial and the Environment; Agriculture and Rural Studies; Educational Outcomes and Institutions; History and Culture.


U.S. Geological Survey

Geoscience Data Catalog sorted by geographic location (continents and oceans)

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World Data Center

Large data catalog for many different topic, such as Agriculture, Atmosphere, Biological Classification, Biosphere, Climate Indicators, Cryosphere, Human Dimension, Land Surface, Oceans, Paleoclimate, Solid Earth, Spectral/Engineering, Sun-Earth Interaction, Terrestrial Hydrosphere.

link (often dead links or local links), please contact authors

World Data Center, Hamburg

Climate data (atmosphere, ocean, radiation, soil, vegetation), login required


World Meteorological Organization

Global climate links


World Resources Institute

Global time-serias data ordered by country for more than 500 variables in Coastal and Marine Ecosystems; Climate and Atmosphere; Economics, Business, and the Environment; Biodiversity and Protected Areas; Forests, Grasslands, and Grasslands; Water Resources and FreshwaterWater Resources and FreshwaterWater Resources and Freshwater; Population, Health and Well-being; Energy and Resources; Agriculture and Food; Environmental Governance and Institutions

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